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Security needs can be diverse, are ever-changing and will always require a tailored approach.

Edgewater’s experienced team will work closely with you to put together a security solution that will meet your immediate and future requirements.

At Edgewater all our staff have a background check, medical training and an SIA license as standard. With decades of experience in surveillance, first aid, trauma management and counter terrorism, Edgewater operatives provide world class personal protection second to none.

Our teams have the same experience, qualifications and training as a government agency and our operatives combine state-of-the-art technology with the sectors best know-how.

Edgewater’s management team will look at each individual case and select the best operatives to be matched by their skills and experience.

Edgewater has the capability to manage small and large-scale projects to produce an exceptional and unmatched service from start to completion.

With its extensive contacts Edgewater is able to operate in all spheres of security including but not limited to: